A leading independent television production company, BrandStar Entertainment features a full array of services that include distribution, sound stages and production/post production facilities. BrandStar Entertainment is known for Award Winning programming, made possible by the dedicated efforts of a talented team and state-of-the-art studios. The mission of BrandStar Entertainment and its flagship television show The Balancing Act is to bring viewers valuable information and entertainment in ways that transform everyday life. BrandStar Entertainment strives for perfection and continues to earn the respect of their peers with every segment that airs on The Balancing Act.

Recognized for their consistent provision of excellent content and leadership in women friendly programming, BrandStar became the first entertainment company to earn the WomenCertified® Seal. BrandStar Entertainment’s The Balancing Act is America’s sole morning show produced by women specifically for women, providing inspiration for women across the country. The Balancing Act on Lifetime features segments designed to give women the tools necessary to succeed in every area of their lives, from family to career and beyond. Doug Campbell, Executive VP of Programming for BrandStar Entertainment says, “BrandStar produces television that women want to watch and that they can learn from. BrandStar continues to win awards for its quality programming and innovative branded entertainment.”

Hosted by Danielle Knox and Kristy Villa, BrandStar Entertainment’s The Balancing Act features segments from self-help gurus, celebrities, and authors. BrandStar Entertainment’s The Balancing Act also offers segments on beauty tips, finance, travel, and more. Denise Austin’s Wake Up and Go weight loss plan is featured on BrandStar Entertainment’s The Balancing Act website, with mini workouts to get you moving. Denise is featured on BrandStar Entertainment’s The Balancing Act Tuesdays through Thursdays, where she offers tips for healthier living and better fitness.

BrandStar Entertainment’s The Balancing Act also offers The Parent Teacher Corner, which provides an in-depth look at education in America today. Segments include technology in schools, flu and meningitis in schools, parental involvement, and fundraising ideas. The Balancing Act regularly tackles obesity, with childhood health as a priority. With advice on healthy cooking and exercise implementation in schools, The Balancing Act works to arm women with the tools they need to help lower obesity rates in America. The Balancing Act’s Author’s Corner introduces viewers to new books, as well as authors who provide advice on self-improvement.

Airing on Lifetime daily at 7 a.m. ET/PT, BrandStar Entertainment’s The Balancing Act offers a great alternative to traditional morning shows. For more information, visit BrandStar Entertainment’s website for The Balancing Act, http://www.thebalancingact.com.

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